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Cardiology Patient Instructions


Stress Testing and Stress Echo

Arrive at Baw Baw Physicians, Consulting Suite 2 at West Gippsland Hospital. The hospital is 10-15 minutes walk from the Warragul Railway Station.

Parking can be difficult, please allow time. There is a car park off Korumburra Road where you may be able to park.

1. Eat only a light breakfast if the test is in the morning or light lunch otherwise.
2. Wear comfortable rubber soled footwear if possible, ideally sneakers
3. Wear loose fitting shorts or slacks or skirt
4. A blouse opening at the front for women and no synthetic tops.
5. Do not use body lotion or powder on the day of the test.
6. Please bring your request form or letter and a list of all your medications.
7. Bring your Medicare or DVA card with you.

Bring a list of your current medications. Many medications can interfere with the test.
Usually these will be stopped on the day of the test or days before. This must be discussed with your doctor first. The following drugs can interfere with the test beta-blockers (metroprolol, minax, propranolol, atenolol, noten, dilatrend, sotalol, any other drugs ending in -olol, calcium channel blockers (amlodipine, veraparmil, diltiazem, nifedipine), perhexilene nicorandil.

There is a very small risk of complications. About 1 in 2000 patients may have a heart attack during or after the test. These are usually patients with severe coronary disease who are at risk of having a heart attack outside the hospital, with the chances of a good outcome are much less than under supervision in hospital. We have over 15,000 stress test in our database without any deaths.

The Test Bike limited to 150kg in weight.
You will have ECG leads attached to your chest by our cardiac nurse. Females can ride with a shirt on over the leads. ECG will be monitored throughout the test. The test usually takes less than 20 minutes. After the test please remain in the waiting area for 10 minutes.
If you have any chest pain, unexplained shortness of breath or dizziness, you should knock on the door to notify us. If you develop symptoms after leaving please immediately return to the emergency department.

Holter Monitor Locations:


Foster Medical Centre
Grantville Medical Centre
Korumburra Medical Centre
Gippsland Lakes Community Health
Leongatha HealthCare
Mirboo North Clinic
Tanjil Place Medical
The HealthCare Centre
Baw Baw Physicians, Suite 2
Wonthaggi Medical Centre

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Echocardiography, Ambulatory, Blood Pressure and all consultations
Baw Baw Physicians, Suite 2, West Gippsland Hospital, 41 Landsborough Street, Warragul Ph: (03) 5623 0690

Appointments and Referrals:
Either ring, email, Argus or fax referral and we will allocate to the doctor as requested.
If your referral is urgent or if you are unsure who is best to see your patient, fax or email the referral and address

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