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Dr. Omar Al-Mukhtar - Cardiologist

Introducing Dr. Omar Al-Mukhtar, a specialist in interventional and structural heart care. With an extensive background as a cardiologist, he received training at renowned hospitals across Victoria, including Western, Austin, and Geelong Hospitals. Driven by his passion for excellence, he pursued further specialization in interventional cardiology, focusing on advanced coronary interventions such as “stenting” for ischaemic heart diseases. Further to that, Dr. Al-Mukhtar dedicated himself to the field of structural heart disease interventions, practising procedures like transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVI) and other innovative techniques through minimally invasive keyhole surgery.

Presently, Dr. Al-Mukhtar serves at the Victorian Heart Hospital, the distinguished heart-centered facility in Australia. Alongside his medical endeavors, he indulges in his love for soccer, enjoying friendly matches with his companions during his leisure time.

With a strong commitment to patient care, Dr. Al-Mukhtar specializes in addressing a wide range of cardiac concerns, including general heart conditions, chest pain (including heart attacks), and various heart valve problems. He employs his expertise to provide suitable surgical interventions, using both wrist and groin approaches for optimal outcomes.

As Dr. Al-Mukhtar embarks on his journey of serving the Warragul community, he aims to make a lasting impact by delivering exceptional cardiology services