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This is a tiny device smaller than a matchbox. These can record your pulse for up to a month. This can be very useful when patients suffer severe symptoms or blackouts and the episodes are very infrequent. They are also useful in detecting atrial fibrillation and often used in cases of stroke or transient ischaemic attacks where intermittent atrial fibrillation can be the cause. In this situation recurrences are likely and the treatment is very effective at preventing them.

The Heartbug has to be put on in our rooms at West Gippsland hospital. However you don’t need to return and a postage envelope is provided so that you can return it for interpretation and your doctor will receive the report.

The cost of the test is covered by medicare and is paid to the company providing the equipment and the report. We charge $50 for fitting the device and explaining the process.

You will need a smartphone and an app called HeartBug must be installed before attending. You will also need to know the password for your phone. If you are not familiar with using the smartphone it is very helpful to bring a friend or relative who can understand the process.

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