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Update on fees for Renal physicians

Baw Baw Physicians is a group of independent consultants who work in the Physician Consulting Rooms at West Gippsland Hospital (WGH).

All our medical records are shared so that patients who are seen in the rooms and then attend hospital have records that are accessible to hospital medical consultants. When patients see different specialists all their letters and investigation reports are also available.

Although the clinic is privately operated it has very close links with the hospital so that there is better continuity for our patients when they are admitted to hospital or for follow up after hospital attendance.

We have a strong culture of sharing difficult or controversial management issues with colleagues so that patient care is optimised due to free communication between doctors.

The rooms were started in 1996 by Dr Brett Forge and now is co-directed with Dr Issam Muteir. We provide a friendly, highly competent and efficient service for our patients and welcome feedback on ways in which we can improve our work. If you have suggestions, please send a letter or contact us here.

Co-Directors - Baw Baw Physicians